Thursday, 24 April 2014

ART: Advanced Resuscitation Training

For those who attended the recent SEMS ASM 2014 pre-conference workshop on ART by Dr Daniel Davis, you would be familiar with the concept. It is not new-fangled resuscitation science or even using state-of-the-art toys to resuscitate. But what it is; is taking a hospital, instituting a cultural /mind-set change, re-thinking the approach to resuscitation / CPR, and commitment to training at all levels. The result is a significant reduction in mortality from all manners of in-hospital cardiac arrests and improved neurological outcomes.
This is probably what OUR hospital needs too. Not new toys. Not fancy stuff. A hospital with a commitment to save lives, where bystander CPR (that means even the hospital porter, ah ma, dietician, pharmacist, HO whatever) is more than 90%. A hospital where code blue teams arrive to consistent high quality CPR already started by the people at scene. We already see some advances and improvement with MET but dare we take the next step?
Here is a sampling of the workshop; it is actually a webinar put up on UCSD’s youtube page last year, but the content is similar. An hour definitely worth listening to.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Webucation 22/4/14

We have just finished a great EM conference here in Singapore and we will bring you the videos and slides in the coming few weeks to months. Stay tuned!

Internet intuition this time comes from the realms of paeds, anaesthetics and some cardio thrown in. Always support the content providers.

  • Drain that kid - Good morsel on how big the drain should be in kids. Don't be cruel indeed!
  • Altitude vs attitude hypoxia - Andy buck delivers a great opinion on the contrast between aviation and EM.
  • Pre-oxing - the Rebel gives us a great summary of pe-ox techniques and its evidence. A must read for every intubator.
  • Sign,sign, everywhere-a-pediatric-vital-sign - A wonderful insight as to whether we're treating kids or "kidding" ourselves. Also a great homage to the metal group Tesla!
  • OPD the leaks! - a new way of handling large air leaks you say?
  • Heartbreak diagnosis - This morsel educates us on the ills and chills of myocarditis. A scary condition in our experience. The few that we have diagnosed (albeit later rather than sooner) have eventuated in poor outcomes and transplant lists. Respect this condition and treat shocked children EARLY!

Monday, 14 April 2014


SEMS ASM just wrapped in Changi General Hospital and it was one for the ages. Karim Brohi, Colin Parker, Dan Davis, Aper Cevik and a host of local talent as well - all who shall be illuminated in our forthcoming video releases for the conference in the spirit of FOAM.

The show-stopper was of course SIMWARS and here's a brief perspective from the Turkish contigent who came.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Those T-waves again...

Dr Amal Mattu goes through a familiar ECG with an old enemy of a diagnosis. In our department we have banned the phrase "non-specific t wave inversions"!

For more of his videos, go to his UMEM website.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Basics of Lung Ultrasound

I gave this talk during our recent WINFOCUS Basic Ultrasound Life Support Course on 3-4 April 2014 at KTPH, Singapore.

In 'Basics of Lung Ultrasound', I hope my lecture is simple and easy to understand for all residents, EM or otherwise.

Here it is, enjoy!

For a more detailed discussion on the topic, read the following review:

SH Ang et al. Lung Ultrasound in the Management of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. Curr Cardiol Rev, 2012 May 8(2):123-136

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Webucation 29/3/14

We're happy to be back and we bring you some tasty bits of med-ed from the realms of paeds, ob/gyn, surgery and even some philosophy. Credit as always to the content creators.
The last link is close to our hearts. We deal with such "traditions" day in/day out. We thank such innovators in bringing to light the remedies in such scientific form.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Evolution of a DMAT

The site admins are at the SMACCGold conference this week but have left you with a different type of video . It details the trials and tribulations of the disaster team sent for typhoon Haiyan relief in December 2013.
Support the efforts of he relief workers on Facebook here and here.
Mercy Relief's efforts are viewable here.